Dr. John Timothy Chapman is the son of Bishop James Peter Chapman, pastor for over forty years and Evangelist Doris Chapman, president and CEO of the Kinston Career and Development Center. Dr. Chapman has one brother, Dr. James Peter Chapman Jr., who is also a pastor and Christian educator. His formative educational experiences occurred in the public school systems of Greene and Lenoir Counties in North Carolina. After attending Saint Augustine's College in Raleigh, NC, he was awarded a partial music scholarship for his achievements as 2nd Bass in the College Choir. After accepting Christ during his sophomore year, he helped organize a 6 a.m. prayer group that met weekly in the school chapel. The gathering grew from two students to over fifty students in a few short months. While at St. Augustine's College, Dr. Chapman accepted his call to ministry. A fourth generation preacher, accepting his call to preach was the first step of a life-long journey in fulfilling what he was born to do: Lead God's people. Securing his B. S. degree in Political Science/ Pre-Law with honors, Dr. Chapman furthered his education by attending the Divinity School of Duke University, earning a Master of Church Ministries in Education. Receiving multiple invitations to preach in chapel services and seminary gatherings while attending Duke, Dr. Chapman's preaching ministry was widely embraced by students and professors alike. Marked with scriptural ingenuity, his sermons are enhanced with the spirit of encouragement, passion, humor and the lessons of Christ. Dr. Chapman continued his studies at Apex School of Theology, obtaining a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry. Currently, Dr. Chapman is pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership from Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While attending Duke University, Dr. Chapman and his wife (Lakithia) founded a weekly Bible study in their home. The Bible study grew from a few to over thirty in a few short weeks. The Bible study group would be founded and known later as Higher Ground Church.

Dr. Chapman is the former pastor of Pleasant Grove Church in Freeman, Virginia. Serving as pastor, the membership grew from forty attendees to over two hundred members within two short years. Dr. Chapman is the former pastor and co-founder of Higher Ground Church were he and his wife served faithfully for fourteen years. Dr. Chapman is the former senior pastor of Apex First Baptist Church, Apex, North Carolina. Presently, Dr. Chapman is the organizing pastor of Peak City Full Gospel Baptist Church. Dr. Chapman is the former Director of Distance Education at Apex School of Theology, Durham, North Carolina and the former academic dean of the Kinston Theological Seminary. Currently, Dr. Chapman serves as the president and chief executive officer of Hosanna Bible College in Durham, North Carolina.

An ordained minister in the New Hope Missionary Baptist Association, Dr. Chapman also serves as the Assistant Dean of the New Hope Union. He is a member of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc. and also a member of the National Baptist Convention, USA, INC. Dr. Chapman is a fun–loving, energetic and focused churchman who embraces the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the ability of God to perform signs, wonders and miracles in this present-day context.

Dr. Chapman is a strong advocate for mentoring new and upcoming ministers. He has ordained, mentored and currently provides supervision for dozens of ministers throughout the Body of Christ. Dr. Chapman has produced literature and lesson material that continues to circulate among ministry groups today. Published at a young age, Dr. Chapman continues to write and is the author of "Jump Start—A Personal Guide to Daily Devotion". In addition, Dr. Chapman is a writer and contributor of "The Pastor's Edition of the Townsend Press Sunday School Commentary."

Dr. Chapman loves the outdoors. He enjoys swimming, racquetball, golf, fishing, and canoeing. He is married to an angel of a person, the former Lakithia Miles, a former social worker, honor graduate of both A&T State University and UNC, Chapel Hill, and international evangelist. Against all odds they are blessed to be the parents of three beautiful children: Zoe Genesis, Asher Noah and Lydia Abigail. Dr. Chapman refers to himself as a biblical enthusiast. His personal call is to share the goodness of God with everyone he meets.